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Ancient city of Lijiang
To Lijiang, you can visit the ancient city of Lijiang, stroll through the old town alleys, enjoy the lazy atmosphere of the old town, or find a variety of Lijiang specialties on the street to fill your stomach.
Eternally building
After that, you can go to Lion Rock and climb the highest point of the Lion Rock - Eternally building, overlooking the ancient city of Lijiang. If you are lucky enough, you can overlook the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the north.
Wood s residence
Follow the Lion Rock Road to Wood's residence and take a close look at the Naxi Palace-style building in the ancient city that mimics the Forbidden City.
Sifang Street
In the evening, return to the center of the ancient city, which is also the most lively place in the city - Sifang Street, where you can enjoy the nightlife of the ancient city.
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