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June 15, 2021

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June 20, 2021

President of the Assembly
Professor Kensoin Murkei, Technical University of Denmark
Professor H.T.Liu of Nankai University

Technical Support
Professor Menas Tresbenteia, University of Regina
Professor Roob Resgotta, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Professor Tengeral Hemberye, Aalborg University
Professor Penteir Tereton, Tokushima University
Professor Hulon Romantos, Macquarie University
Professor Wang Rongfang, Hefei University of Technology
Professor Henaff Russerz, Chalmers University of Technology
Professor Noutein Anbers, University of Manitoba
Professor Tomills Winnez, Uppsala University
Professor Fang Yan, Yantai University
Professor Crewra Nanichoir of Flinders University
Professor Fampioc Geimmeru, Temasek Institute of Technology
Professor Wetro Iwn Tonpea, Technical University of Denmark
Professor Ranna Hligeroseks, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
Waseda University Professor Matsumoto
Professor Tederaol Rolftecien, Queensland University of Technology
Professor PeorgoilTonniams, University of Iceland
Tokyo Electric University Professor Nakagawa
Professor Croonnorn Pemgeroiz, Navarre Public University
Professor Narros Ruaffiop, Murdoch University
Professor Kouwershiki, National Bauman Technical University, Moscow, Russia
Professor Reileno Sama, Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
Dr. Heislatige Gounciol, Electronic Information Research Center
Professor Magreont Poberaza, Concordia University
Professor Profseer Annaz, Singapore University of Technology and Design
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